TIME – The “Extra Dimension” To Our Service

We care about your time. And we understand that once it’s wasted, both that lost time and the costs associated with it can never be regained. However, there is an answer:

L&F Mine Transfers’ unique “Never Late” policy.

L&F is absolutely committed to on-time performance and constantly searching for and implementing innovations to maintain it. In the extremely unlikely event of a delay due to a technical or mechanical problem, we hold a “back-up” fleet ready and waiting to move into action. We believe L&F Mine Transfers is the only road transport provider to keep a fully equipped team and fleet on standby – ready to “save the day”!

When you choose L&F, you can be sure your crew will always reach their destination and, if we are late, your service will be free.

Commitments To Service

L&F Mine Transfers is pleased to make the following undertakings to each of its clients:

  • Your service will be provided by a company that has experienced no lost-time injuries (LTIs) since starting operations five years ago and has satisfied previous clients to the extent that we have never lost a service contract to any other transport provider.
  • You will have one point of contact with our company – meaning no confusion, no “communications breakdowns”, no misunderstandings and no hassles!
  • Any issues you wish to raise with L&F Mine Transfers shall be attended to and, if appropriate, rectified without delay.

We are always happy to discuss particular requirements you may have in relation to any proposed transport service. At L&F, we’re not about problems or difficulties. We’re about solutions and being able to help. Contact L&F – we will not disappoint you!

“We are truly committed to providing a unique and superior client experience at every level.”

– Lindsey Ward, CEO, L&F Mine Transfers