L&F Believes It’s Important To Get Your Priorities Right!

L&F Mine Transfers is committed to providing the highest possible level of service to all customers.

Service delivery at such a high standard has been made possible only by devising and embracing a number of fundamental operating values and ensuring staff and management consistently place them at the forefront of everything we do.

These core values relate specifically to:



Customer Service



These values that underlie all operations and services provided by L&F Mine Transfers:


Our people are our lifeblood.

L&F Mine Transfers operates on the principle that an organisation can only be as strong as its weakest link.

We select, train and employ people who are qualified and experienced in their respective fields and who have demonstrated a willingness and commitment to share these core values.


L&F Mine Transfers values safety as its first priority.

The wellbeing of our passengers, staff, the general public and our environment is the focus of our thoughts and actions in each and every aspect of our operations.

Our vehicle fleet has been chosen and is technically maintained in line with our determination to take all possible steps to protect the safety of the travelling public.

L&F provides industry-leading training to staff in order to ensure health and safety are supported, maintained and, where possible, enhanced throughout our organisation.

Customer Service

L&F Mine Transfers aims to restore the concept of “traditional, old-fashioned customer service”.

We do so in the belief that many forms of computerised, faceless service that have become commonplace in recent years are neither good for business nor good for the customer and often lead to confusion, frustration, alienation and dissatisfaction.

L&F seeks to re-establish a business-client process in which, throughout their relationship with us, each customer is valued both as a potential source of business and as an individual .

In providing time-honoured standards of top-quality customer care, L&F strives to ensure our customers benefit from a positive experience they enjoy and that encourages them to wish to use our services more than once.


Since we took to the road, L&F Mine Transfers has sought to build and maintain a culture of best practice and innovation.

One of the principal means of doing so is to encourage internal education and training, ensuring staff have the opportunity to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills’ base.

L&F seeks to be informed of the most recent developments – technological and otherwise – in our industry, in order to provide the best, most efficient and cost-effective service options for our customers.

We continually invest in our own staff to assist their career development, promote optimal growth of our business and facilitate adherence to all L&F’s core values, while enhancing our equipment inventory to take into account latest technical advances.


L&F Mine Transfers is committed at all times to demonstrate complete integrity towards those with whom we deal in the course of our business.

We believe integrity and trust have been crucial in building and maintaining the reputation for diligence, reliability and honest dealing that L&F now enjoys among its widespread client base.

Consequently, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all our clients and customers, our staff and those of our suppliers and other companies and agencies with whom we come into contact.


“We believe L&F is, quite literally, the benchmark
by which others are measured.”

– Lindsey Ward, CEO, L&F Mine Transfers