L&F Passengers Board The Fight Against Child Cancer

Every Passenger, Every Day, Every Service

Every passenger who travels aboard one of L&F Mine Transfers’ services anywhere in Australia is contributing to a unique initiative aimed at helping in the fight against children’s cancer.

This follows L&F’s agreement to become the first corporate supporter of the great work being carried out by the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF), run by the combined Australian Lions Clubs.

Under the agreement, L&F will make a donation on behalf of every passenger carried – every day of the year, across L&F’s entire commercial fleet.

Funds raised are used to research and develop better treatments for childhood cancer and assist the families of affected children in coping with the changes and challenges they face as a result of the impact of the disease.

“Passengers aboard L&F Mine Transfers’ services are supporting this work simply by choosing to travel with us,” CEO Lindsey Ward said.

“Each passenger who travels with us is enabling us to add to the amount we donate.

“So when you book with L&F, you are supporting the foundation, Australian kids with cancer and their families and the fight to raise survival rates to the magical target figure of 100%,” he said.

Mr Ward said L&F was not aware of any other road transport provider in Australia that supported a community contribution arrangement either of this magnitude or with an organisation of the scale, national presence and reputation of the Australian Lions Clubs.

He said Lions Australia was one of the country’s most trusted organisations, with a proud history of supporting local communities whenever and wherever their help is needed.

The ALCCRF was officially created in 2009 and its focus is to increase survival rates of childhood cancer by supporting research efforts at specialist centres in Australia and around the world.

Goal Set At 100% 

L&F Mine Transfers has pledged support to the ALCCRF until it reaches its goal of 100% survival rates for children with cancer.

The sponsorship arrangement shows the way to other businesses as an example of corporate philanthropy, as the research foundation has not yet gained tax-free status. That means L&F Mine Transfers cannot claim tax concessions for any donations – but Mr Ward said he and the company were undeterred by those considerations.

“Money isn’t everything and this deal isn’t about money or tax breaks. It’s simply about saving children and it is a cause we, as a business, are very committed to,” he said.

Mr Ward said L&F had set up “robust and active community contribution and support programs that are aimed at ensuring a culture of engagement within the many communities in which we operate”.

Find out more at www.alccrf.lions.org.au and www.minetransfers.com.au.

“It’s time companies started setting an example

which reflects a sense of responsibility.”

– Lindsey Ward, CEO, L&F Mine Transfers