L&F Determined To Maintain Industry Leadership

L&F Mine Transfers maintains a comprehensive and successful health and safety regimen that has been tailored to our business and its operations. It is continually reviewed and updated as new developments and innovations occur within the transport industry.

L&F is the only road passenger transport provider to have defibrillators placed on every coach in its fleet.


L&F Mine Transfers is aligned with coachbuilders whose names have become an international byword for road safety – Scania & Volvo. Scania & Volvo Bus Australia have put safety, quality and environmental care at the top of its product attributes.

Now, by incorporating Scania & Volvo buses into its growing fleet, L&F Mine Transfers is creating one of the finest and safest fleets on Australian roads.

It starts with a Scania & Volvo chassis that has been described as “robust and dependable … and among the safest, cleanest, most fuel-efficient and reliable chassis available”.

When combined with Scania & Volvo’s renowned bodywork you have a vehicle that “sets new safety benchmarks for the Australian transport market”.

Among other features, the electronics system ensures all safety features aboard your L&F Mine Transfers’ Scania & Volvo are checked at each engine start-up.

Wherever in Australia you are, as you enjoy your journey aboard your L&F Mine Transfers’ service, you can be certain your safety is being protected by Scania & Volvo’s expertise, fully maintained top-quality equipment and cutting-edge technology.

At L&F, we are committed to industry-leading benchmarks in safety of operation. We exceed all government and legislative standards and are innovating in many operational areas to ensure our levels of comfort and safety are unmatched.

Our heavy emphasis on health and safety and our choice of Scania & Volvo demonstrate clearly that at L&F Mine Transfers …


Our operational priorities for health and safety:

  • Ensuring our fleet exceeds all transport and legislative requirements.
  • Delivering superior training in fatigue management and mitigation to all drivers.
  • Providing rigorous, certified defensive driving training to all drivers.
  • Practising a “seat belts must be worn on board at all times” policy.
  • Using live, round-the-clock GPS monitoring of our fleet.
  • Requiring all L&F employees and management to engage in regular risk analysis programs.
  • Engaging in an industry-leading preventative maintenance program.
L&F Mine Transfers makes every effort to ensure all clients benefit from a premium level of transport. As an employer, you can rest assured your team’s wellbeing and on-time arrival are paramount in our operations.

As a passenger aboard one of our services, you can sit back and enjoy your journey knowing our No.1 focus is getting you there safely and comfortably. Through our history, we have a perfect record of doing exactly that!

Our health and safety objectives:

  • To be an industry leader in all matters related to health and safety and set standards to which other operators in the industry may aspire.
  • To provide and maintain our vehicle fleet to standards fully capable of ensuring maximum safety and reliability.
  • To provide relevant information and training to all employees by means of ongoing internal programs.
  • To impose a risk management approach to health and safety which is systematically incorporated as part of our day-to-day business operations.
  • To achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of compliance with all applicable health and safety and transport laws, regulations and standards.
  • To achieve continual improvement in our health and safety performance, with the ongoing aim of preventing any form of injury or harm to persons and our natural environment.

“In the area of safety, our mantra is simply to be second to none.”

– Lindsey Ward, CEO, L&F Mine Transfers