Clients & Community Reflect On L&F’s Performance

Staff, students and parents of Bluff State School are extremely grateful to have the kind support of the team at L&F Mine Transfers.

As Bluff is a small country town, we have always relied heavily on public transport to get us to events such as swimming, excursions, camps, shows etc.

When Bluff lost the community bus due to lack of support, Bluff students ran the risk of missing out on a multitude of curriculum-based activities. Thankfully, L&F Mine Transfers immediately offered their support and have been donating their service to the school since 2012.

Communication with L&F Mine Transfers is easy, with immediate responses to our sometimes short notice requests. Since the beginning of 2012, we have been able to participate in a variety of educational experiences, all thanks to L&F Mine Transfers.

Bluff School and the wider school community would like to say thank you for the wonderful opportunities that L&F Mine Transfers have provided for our students.

Staff, Students & Parents

Bluff State School, Central Highlands of Queensland, August 2013

This letter of recommendation is written to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by L&F Mine Transfers.

L&F Mine Transfers commenced their contract with Pajingo Gold Mine in August, 2014. In the time that they have been our preferred supplier, they have always gone above and beyond what is expected.

The team of drivers are professional, polite and manage all employees very well. The security cameras in each of the buses have provided us with detailed information, which has proved to be invaluable when investigating alleged incidents.

The community engagement with L&F has been second to none. Lindsey is always a keen partner in any community event that we host. Whether it is transporting our families to the mine for the Family Open Day or providing buses to the local Trade Training Centre for the careers expo, L&F are always very enthusiastic and happy to be part of the program.

Pajingo Gold Mine is more than happy with the services of L&F Mine Transfers and would highly recommend them to any business that is looking to establish a business partnership with them.

If you require any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Simon Jessop

General Manager Underground Operations, Evolution Mining, Pajingo Gold Mine, March 2015

This letter is to confirm the service undertaken by L&F Mine Transfers Pty Ltd for John Holland Mining.

The works varied from the transport of personnel on buses to and from work and also the transporting of John Holland employees to and from work functions and training. This service was crucial to John Holland, so as to help manage our fatigue management of employees on site.

L&F Mine Transfers Pty Ltd led many initiatives that ensured quality was maintained and problem areas identified. Again, this led to a positive outcome for John Holland Mining.

During the 2011/12 rain events, L&F Mine Transfers Pty Ltd transported operators rapidly to reduce the risk to John Holland employees. Most importantly, the unflappable approach, work ethic and determination of (L&F Mine Transfers’ CEOLindsey Ward to help John Holland Mining were noticed by a wide audience within the John Holland organisation.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending prospective customers consider L&F Mine Transfers Pty Ltd and their team in any competitive tendering transport management process. 

Darren Cuthbertson

Project Manager, John Holland Mining, December 2012