L&F Mine Transfers


L&F Mine Transfers is the “driving force” behind Australia’s dynamic, diverse and successful mining industry.

Companies seeking to transport their personnel to or from a mine area – or any work site – are warmly invited to consider L&F Mine Transfers’ flexible and comprehensive array of services, designed to match exactly customers’ needs and wishes. Most important, clients can depend on their service being delivered safely, reliably, efficiently and on time.

Safety is our primary goal. Since its establishment, L&F Mine Transfers has worked hard and consistently towards being the provider of the safest, most dependable and efficient passenger transport service on Australia’s roads. Each year, our modern, fast-growing fleet carries more and more people safely and on time to more destinations all around Australia.

So far, the hundreds of thousands of kilometres covered by L&F’s extensive transport operations have not resulted in one single lost-time injury – a safety record of which we are enormously proud and one we are determined to maintain.

L&F Mine Transfers operates on the principle of “old-fashioned service” – to levels that once were commonplace in Australia. Our team is absolutely committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of honesty, integrity, dependability and excellence in each and every aspect of our operation, in our dealings with clients, passengers, suppliers and all with whom we come into contact during the course of our business.

As a client, that means you can expect a courteous and timely response to your inquiry and helpful assistance every step of the way as you organise your transport plans with L&F Mine Transfers. And as a passenger, you can be sure of a friendly welcome and a relaxing, comfortable journey from the moment you step aboard your state-of-the-art coach until you reach your destination.

L&F Mine Transfers looks forward to helping you meet your road transport needs, whatever and wherever they are. Together, we’ll keep Australia’s mining industry on the move.

L&F Mine Transfers was founded and has grown around five fundamental operating values, which apply to every aspect of how we do business. These core values focus upon:

  • People 100%
  • Safety 100%
  • Customer Service 100%
  • Innovation 100%
  • Diligence 100%

“We take enormous pride in what we do each day and consider
the safe and reliable transport of people as a great responsibility
and one we never take lightly.”

– Lindsey Ward, CEO, L&F Mine Transfers